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WISP Toolbox is a set of tools designed to help operators manage their Cambium powered networks.

The tools include...

Quick Launch Menu

  • Easily modify menu to add tools
  • Launch links in current window or new window
  • Editable front page text

FreeRADIUS Frontend

  • Simplify Canopy and PMP320 authentication
  • Push QoS Profiles and Classification Rules to PMP320 APs
  • Simple account view for modifying account settings and viewing recent authentications


  • Collect log messages from remote devices
  • Easily view, filter, and export logs

S.W.A.T. (System Wide Analyzer Tool)

  • Simple tool for performing network wide spectrum scans
  • Bulk import APs
  • Save scan results in database
  • Export scan results to Excel

Centralized File Storage

  • Keep commonly needed files in a easy to access repository

IMPORTANT NOTE: Groups are assigned in the regular user admin, not here in this Radius/WISP/Cambium admin!

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